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    Flip | TEDxTaipei 2013
    by Finger and Toe /手指

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  5. cross-connect:

    Selected works by artist on tumblr - @Ai Natori - illustrator based in Tokyo.

    Posted to Cross Connect by Margaret

    artist find at eatsleepdraw

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Rebecca Vincent


    Rebecca Vincent

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    Inked Ikons

    Wayne Maguire

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Guil Zekri


    Guil Zekri

  9. specialcar:

Jackie Stewart, Tyrrell-Cosworth 005


    Jackie Stewart, Tyrrell-Cosworth 005

  10. typeworship:

    Typeframe: Render vs. Cardboard

    OK, now I give up. After seeing so many extraordinary, life-like 3D type models I had assumed this beautifully complex ‘a’ was of the same mould. But no. This character has actually been constructed physically. It’s made me realise that the line between 3D rendered graphic shapes and real constructed shapes is now imperceptible.

    This Bodoni ‘a’ is part of a personal project called Typeframe by Gerard Miró of Lo Siento a Design Studio based in Barcelona, Spain. The ‘internal structure’ of the character has been constructed from cardboard “undressing the letter to show its skeleton”. 

    (Source: behance.net)