1. Feeling determined today.

    Feeling determined today.

  2. thedsgnblog:

    Bureau Collective   |    http://bureaucollective.ch

    "New visual dress for the second album «Into the Light» for the St.Gallen based music duo Kaltehand/Natasha Waters. For all their holy support we thank Tobi Siebrecht, Bänziger Hug, Boris Stoll, Matthias Kappeler and Sénic.

    Bureau Collective is a design studio founded in 2009 by Ollie Schaich and Ruedi Zürcher in St.Gallen, Switzerland. They like to work in the different fields of graphic design and enjoy working with people that are as passionate about what they do as they are.

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  3. thedsgnblog:

    Hatch Inc.   |    http://hatchinc.co

    "We were approached by Future Collective to give their company a unified identity including a new logo mark to represent them, as well as an online presence to showcase and promote their existing body of work."

    Hatch Inc. are an independent design studio based in the outer reaches of London. We approach each project with fresh insight and attention to detail to produce clear and effective design solutions. We use a combination of forward-thinking design, minimal aesthetics and thoughtful planning to construct solutions that connect with people. We are ideally situated to reach a wide range of clients in both London and the South East, as well as working with international clients. There are no limits to where our work can take us.

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  4. type-lover:

    Logo & Lettering
    by Victoria and Vitalina Lopukhiny

  5. typostrate:

    Type Twister

    this is the work of Jorge Lawerta, illustrator and typographer from Valencia, Spain. The versatile and extreme creative designer is a specialist when it comes to handmade typography. His posters and artworks are directly translated from mind to hand. His illustrational skill give him more power to make the artwork look more awesome. Enjoy it!

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  6. type-lover:

    by Andrey Martynov

  7. #appdesign #simplynicholas

    #appdesign #simplynicholas

  8. #appdesign #simplynicholas

    #appdesign #simplynicholas

  9. #appdesign #simplynicholas

    #appdesign #simplynicholas

  10. #appdesign #simplynicholas

    #appdesign #simplynicholas